Ethical code


Starday’s mission is to anticipate changes.

In order to do so our strategy is to be a point of contact between those who promote and supply a service and the end users in terms of training, environmental and territorial protection. Our goal is to exploit every change transforming it into a great opportunity.

The Ethical code expresses our commitment to pursuing our mission. Starday’s entire staff, employees, managers and partners have taken on this ethical commitment. 
This code is inspired by principles of morality which include full transparency in all of our 
business dealings, honest conduct, service efficiency, unreserved collaboration, professional endorsement and integrity towards all parties involved taking into consideration moral values and the existing provisions of every country Starday has a partnership with.

All parties involved includes groups of people or institutions whose contribution is essential to enabling Starday’s mission or those who have an interest in pursuing its aim.

All parties involved includes those who invest in the company’s operations, first and foremost the board of directors but also extending to include collaborators, customers, suppliers and business associates.

Furthermore, all parties involved also includes all individuals or groups and the organizations and institutions which represent them, whose interests are influenced by the direct and indirect effects of Starday’s activities.

Starday acts according to the principles of freedom and dignity of the human being, acting in compliance with international laws, European and national legislation, as well as ILO standards and guidelines, SA 8000 standard. Furthermore, Starday’s modus operandi is strictly committed to the rules and principles of its Ethical Code.

Starday is aware that the inappropriate behaviour of a few can jeopardize the company’s good reputation, therefore it transmits this Ethical Code to anyone it engages in long-term or short-term relationships with and makes sure its collaborators, employees and partners respect it.

Believing that human resources are of outmost importance for its development, Starday operates to make its collaborators work at their best, respecting their personalities and talent, and allowing them to develop their very own self-expression and personal fulfilment.

Starday’s employees, collaborators and partners are responsible for the proper performance of their contractual duties. They share the company’s interests and aims and do their best to obtain great quality standards with diligence, efficiency and correctness, treating with confidentiality the information concerning the company, the Clients and the Suppliers. Starday chooses its partners also taking into account their ethical conduct and considers fair competition as an incentive for development and improvement.

The relationships Starday has with national and international institutions are always inspired by principles of fairness and justice as required by law.

Taken from the introduction of “company’s Ethical Code” STARDAY.

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