Environmental information

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The used packaging consists mainly of paper/cardboard as well as plastics; a small amount of wood is also used in shipments, in the form of wooden pallets.

Packaging materials are chosen with ecological criteria and can be recycled. Most main Starday customers already have recycling programs in place, anyway we advice everyone to reuse packaging when possible and to transfer the disposable materials to the appropriate separate waste collection circuit.

Starday S.r.l., as user and importer of packaging intended for the B2B (professional) circuit, fulfills its obligations  providing the required indication of the packaging material (alphanumeric coding) according to the Guidelines for the environmental labeling of packaging released by the CONAI consortium .
The following information about the environmental labeling of packaging entering the national territory are valid only for Italy.
Packaging materials codes for recycling

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The products supplied by Starday are mainly used in the manufacturing of electrical and electronic devices. For this category, the not-working or the no longer usable (obsolete) product contains raw materials that are still useful and constitutes  special waste (WEEE); collection, recycling and disposal are regulated (WEEE Directive II) with the activities of the subjects in charge established at national level .


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