The main technology trends for 2021

Technological evolution never stops and this is one of the facts we are already aware of.

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Starday and WRG wait for you at Electronica Munich 2018

Starday and WRG will be exhibiting at Electronica in Munich, Germany between 13th and 16th November 2018.

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Planar transformers

The strong demand of the electronics and telecommunications market to develop increasingly economical and, at the same time, performing and reliable systems has contributed to increasing the spread and the use of magnetic components in planar technology, noticely in the design and manufacture of switching power supply (AC / DC power supplies, DC / DC converters and inverters).

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Robust Power Loss Protection

Unexpected power loss has been a critical issue in the storage industry, regardless of SSD or HDD, in terms of data loss.In most SSD devices, DRAM memory is usually used to reduce the performance gap between host interface and NAND flash memory.

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Secondary Rechargeable Batteries

Lead Acid — One of the oldest rechargeable battery systems; is rugged, forgiving if abused and economical in price; has a low specific energy and limited cycle life. Lead acid is used for wheelchairs, golf cars, personnel carriers, emergency lighting and uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

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