The main technology trends for 2021

Technological evolution never stops and this is one of the facts we are already aware of.

In the last decade we have experienced several technological evolutions that have led us to a digital transformation. From cloud data to artificial intelligence, these technologies have also offered us new ways and new experiences in both professional and private life. The more we invest in technology evolution, the more we move towards better and more efficient operations and with a most satisfying and complete user experience.

The pandemic has further pushed us to adopt cutting-edge technology and consequently, there are some technological progresses that will govern our decisions and habits in the coming years.

No matter where we stand in this technological era, it is impossible to stop from making new inventions and that’s why it is important to follow the major technological trends that we may see in 2021.

Cloud Computing

During the pandemic, many countries experienced a complete lockdown, which forced companies to a rough stop. As a result, the infrastructure for smart/remote work has become extremely important. Companies that did not have this infrastructure faced many problems with connectivity, data transfer and keep continuous operations.

The cloud could help host data and applications in a serverless mode, enabling remote work and efficient access to data. Execution latency and data access is reduced, and you can quickly access your data without worrying about the server status in case it’s currently down. In addition, you can customize and adjust the storage space to suit your needs as well as offer full control over data storage.

The issue of security is also very important so the cloud service provider has automated controls and control policies to secure the data stored in the cloud. Nobody can access your data without clearing multi-factor authentication.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence helps computer systems to act and react intelligently, almost like humans. This technology has already been under development for some years but its adoption will certainly increase in the coming years. This trend can be seen in the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence programs such as speech recognition, pattern recognition, prediction and diagnosis.

Even when you search for something on the internet, your search engine uses artificial intelligence to deliver better results.

Another important reason for adopting AI is the popularity of home automation. Now, a large number of people is using Alexa-based systems to automate everyday household functions, such as turning on lights.


Many organizations as well as many individuals take cybersecurity seriously. For most of these organizations, cybersecurity is a very urgent and important issue.

Since every employee inside the organization could remotely access and use company data, there can be several security risks and the only way to mitigate the situation is to focus on the implementation of IT security systems.

Internet of Things

IOT technology helps us connect thousands and thousands of devices together and allows us to transfer and receive data within a network. In order to connect all these devices, they must be equipped with intelligence and communication must be achieved in real time.

From smart wearables, like smartwatches, to smart homes, tons of devices run on a IoT platform.

Automation and Robotics

Automation and Robotics can be applied to everyday activities in order to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. For this reason, automation technology will certainly be more and more essential and necessary in the coming years.

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